Attend The Upcoming MTV Video Music Awards For Free

MTV Teams With Foursquare For The Upcoming VMAs

MTV Teams With Foursquare For The Upcoming VMAs

Interested in attending the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards ceremony on September 12? Well, chances are you might be able to do it for free. All you have to do is start following MTV on Foursquare and check in to music venues between August 30 and September 5. The one who gets the best score (IE, the one who gets to check in to more venues) is the one attending the event.

Location-based networking is as hot as it has ever been. Facebook has recently premiered its “Facebook Places” service, and many were surprised to see it did Foursquare no harm – it actually gave the pioneer location service a big boost.

MTV has been actively looking for ways to stay fresh in the face of the technology people are using today. Not so long ago Chicago resident Gabi Gregg was appointed as the network’s official Twitter DJ. The Foursquare alliance is nothing but a logical step. Will it be a fruitful one? We’ll see.

RockMy Events – Putting Gigs & Events On The Map


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Traditionally, it was always possible to miss on this or the other artist when he or she came to town, even if you were a big fan of music in general. And I am talking about “established” artists. Now, if we were to move into Indie music it was always even harder to know what was going on unless you had some kind of direct connection with the band, or were in their (very) close geographical vicinity.

That is a thing of the past. Now things are far, far removed from that context. I dare say we have gone from one extreme to the other, as services like Twitter ensure that we have access to so much information that picking out which gig to attend can take longer than it took Pete Townshend to present “Lifehouse” to the world as he had originally intended it. Continue reading