Songr – Finding New Music To Try In A Social Context

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on April 9, 2010

SongrName: Songr

Songr is a social site for the discovery of new music. The way it operates is by having people submit these songs that they are listening to in real-time. A ranking with these tunes is there and then created. The songs can be voted up and down (like any social service that aggregates content such as Delicious or Digg), and the ones that are met more effusively end up topping the list for each respective genre.

The featured genres, by the way, are quite representative of the tastes of the general public. You have “Rock” and “Pop” along with “Metal” and “Rap”, and a couple more like “Country”, “Jazz” and “World” are thrown in for good measure. These will be enough for the site to get going, but as a fan of Anime and Japanese music I wish there were at least a J-Pop genre available. I hope that is implemented in due time.

Also, I think that maybe an option for adding a mood to each song that is submitted would be nice. In that way, you could learn about music to listen to when you are bored, depressed, exultant and so on. Other than that, the site is certainly good for discovering what people are listening to all over the world. With just a couple of touches here and there it could become quite popular.

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April 10, 2010 at 8:35 am

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