Venossi – Making The Discovery Of New Music Something Natural & Logical

VenossiName: Venossi

Venossi is a new site that has taken one of the best features offered by Facebook, and a feature that Facebook actually took from Twitter, so it is alright – a thief who robs a thief gets a hundred years of reprieve. I am speaking about the fabled news feed, something that has become an integral part of the way that we interact trough Facebook. Before the news feed was available, learning who had befriended who, or what your friends were talking about necessitated you checking their individual profiles. But now, we are all able to learn about that the moment we log in.

Well, take that concept and apply it to the music that others are listening. That is what Venossi is all about. It will enable you to see what songs your friends are playing, and also to read music-related conversations that they have been involved in as part of a feed that is constantly updated.

Also, the site makes it easy for you to discover new music artists by browsing from the provided sidebar by genre, country or even by mood. In that sense, it covers all bases as far as discovering music goes – you can do it on your own, and you can do it collectively. And once you have found a couple of good songs, you can simply make up a playlist with them. This playlist can then be shared, modified, deleted…

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