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"Días Lúcidos" Was Lapso's Sophomore Effort

"Días Lúcidos" Was Lapso's Sophomore Effort. It Was Better-produced Than Its Predecessor, And The Album On The Whole Feels Like A More Mature Work.

Lapso [Lapse] is an alternative rock band that hails from my hometown, Montevideo. Its sound has been nurtured mainly by bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus. The first CD by a Uruguayan rock band that I ever bought was this one, actually, mainly on the strength of the single “Volver Atrás” [Turn Back]. It remains my favorite rock song by a Uruguayan band even after all this time.

“Días Lúcidos” [Lucid Days] was to be their second (and so far latest) album. It was first issued in 2006 by Bizarro Records. The band comprises Andrés Bianco on guitar, Guido Boselli on drums and Andrés Miranda on bass. The singer is Gonzalo Bouzout.

The album has 12 songs that are characterized by a focused view on human beings and the way they relate to each other as a ramification of the way they can (and can not) cope with themselves to begin with. This theme is announced by “Humano” [Human], the first track, and songs like “Mediocre” deal with aspirations and the lack of them in terms that some might deem a bit prosaic but which are effective nonetheless.

The single “Más Que Ayer” [More Than Yesterday] is certainly a high point, with a great arrangement and compelling dynamics that turn it into the most likeable moment on the whole CD. Continue reading