Fanity – Follow Your Favorite Artists


Name: Fanity

The day we realized that social sites were a context in which proximity with celebrities and musicians was almost guaranteed, then that was the day they began being on the map for most of us.

The problem is that by now just too much takes place on Facebook. You might “like” your favorite artist, and still miss on his updates. If you have more than 150 friends (the number of friends that ensures full interactions with everybody according to social media experts) then you take for granted that there are things you are going to miss.

Or will you? Meet Fanity, a web service for subscribing to news by your favorite artists, and have them displayed on a stream of their own.

Using Fanity will free you from having to filter your news feed manually. Just by becoming a fan of the artist in question you will have his latest news presented in such an unpolluted stream. Continue reading

The Beatles & Paul McCartney Are On Twitter

The Beatles In Their Prime

The Beatles In Their Prime

The Beatles (TheBeatles) and Paul McCartney (PaulMcCartney) are on Twitter… or are they? A quick glance at their accounts makes you realize that they are actually kept by a corporate team, much in the same way that Britney Spears’ Facebook page is kept by hired hands that also happen to tweet out for her.

Sir Paul McCartney

Sir Paul McCartney

Something like this was entirely to be expected. But will it change sometime soon? Will Macca start tweeting himself? I don’t want to dash anybody’s hopes, but it is highly unlikely. While some starts and celebrities keep “genuine” Twitter accounts (Shaquille O’Neal and Ashton Kutcher spring to mind at once), someone like McCartney could never do so owing to the amount of attraction it would generate, and the influx of messages he would have to deal with. Continue reading