Music Streaming Services: An Overview

Today I want to share with you a terrific infograph that I’ve found, and which covers all the music streaming services in existence. Well, all minus Google Music. For some reason, whoever compiled this decided to omit it. But other than that, everything’s been included – Spotify, Pandora,,… there’s even a corner explaining how Facebook might become a force to be reckoned with sooner than most people think.

And just in case you ever wonder how much musicians are paid whenever you stream a song of theirs, then just jump to the end of the infograph.

Who Were The Hardest-working Musicians Of 2010?

Ever wondered which bands performed the most gigs and traveled the furthest in 2010? Well, this infograph is going to enlighten you. It was assembled by concert information service SongKick, and it is obviously topped by a young, energetic performing unit (Mayday Parade). Household names such as Lady Gaga also occupy an all-too-obvious position.

But there is also a pleasant surprise in the shape or Willie Nelson, who played 161 shows last year. The man is pushing 78. On the road again? Indeed, my friends…

hardest working bands