Spotify Has 1.4 Million Users In America

It’s been four weeks now since Spotify launched in the US, and statistics are beginning to surface. Just last week I told you about these songs being shared more recurrently by users of the service. Well, now I’ve got something even yummier for you: the actual number of people who have signed up for the service.

According to All Things Digital, Spotify has captured the eardrums of no less than 1.4 million American users.

“Wait, what’s the deal?”, I hear you say. “Facebook has got more than 700 million users! That’s a tiny drop in the ocean!”

To that I can answer categorically “No, it’s not”.
Just to put things in perspective, Rhapsody has 800,000 registered users. And it took Rhapsody 10 years to get there. So, Spotify is doing things right so far. Specially when we take into account that out of these 1.4 million users, 175.000 have bought a subscription. That’s a conversion rate of approximately 12 %.

If Spotify manages to keep the momentum going, one year to this date it should have hit 20 million users. And if the conversion rate remains the same, about 3 million of these are going to be paying for the service.

Who Were The Hardest-working Musicians Of 2010?

Ever wondered which bands performed the most gigs and traveled the furthest in 2010? Well, this infograph is going to enlighten you. It was assembled by concert information service SongKick, and it is obviously topped by a young, energetic performing unit (Mayday Parade). Household names such as Lady Gaga also occupy an all-too-obvious position.

But there is also a pleasant surprise in the shape or Willie Nelson, who played 161 shows last year. The man is pushing 78. On the road again? Indeed, my friends…

hardest working bands

Is Vevo Set To Become The One-Stop For Online Music Videos?

Vevo (a joint venture among Google and Universal, Sony and investor Abu Dhabi Media Company) launched in December 2009 as a way to bridge the distance that was still left between online music videos and “traditional” videos. Most of all, it was conceived as a brand-new way to serve ads to viewers.

Both Sony and Universal feature their content from A to Z on the video portal, whereas Warner (a company that has always been labeled as square by musicians and fans alike) might start feeding its own content, too.

That comes as no surprise. In April 2010,Vevo managed to climb to No. 4 on comScore’s list of sites ranked by unique viewers. During that month, it was estimated that one out of four individuals watching an online video was doing so on Vevo.

Look at the stats:

Vevo Music Videos Stats

I have also read a study that says we watch approximately 2 minutes per video. According to these graphs, this means that each of us must have watched roughly 5 and a half hours of online videos during April.  That amounts to something like 11 minutes of videos per day.

I don’t know how accurate do these numbers sound to you. I can tell you as a fact that I have found myself landing a lot on Vevo recently when merely carrying Google searches – that didn’t happen with such a frequency before.

What do you think? Are these stats accurate? Do you spend more time watching videos at work than ever before? Or is Google’s Pacman the one and only thing you have to plead guilty to as far as your productivity went in the past months?