Mixtap.in – Making Mixtapes Fashionable Once Again


Name: Mixtap.in
URL: http://www.mixtap.in

Mixtapes ruled. They gave us one of the first true glimpses of freedom when it came to making others experience music in the same way that we did. The way we had arranged the songs was to be the de facto way to experience these artists for anybody who came into possession of the mixtape later on. Any person who wanted to know you better just had to get the tape you had assembled and play it.

Mixtapes also had other ramifications. For example, I can’t think of the song “Runaway Train” without thinking of the last seconds of an ad that played right before the version someone had taped for me started. Even when I am listening to “Black Gold”, in the short silence that separates “Tied To The Tracks” from “Runaway Train” the final seconds of that ad play in my mind. It will probably be like that for evermore.

Maybe you are too young to know all this. If that is so, I have the perfect site for you. It is named Mixtap.in, and it will let you create a mixtape for others to enjoy. You can add up to twelve tracks for each mixtape that you create, and you can then label it. If the mixtape that you have assembled is meant to sound like Dr. Hook then you simply state so. Others will be able to find it in a much easier way then, as all the featured mixtapes are readily searchable. Continue reading

Spotiseek – For Spotify Users Looking For New Artists To Try


Name: Spotiseek
URL: http://www.spotiseek.com

I am sure that those of you who live in Europe are more than familiar with the peer-to-peer service known as Spotify. It is a streaming service that lets you listen to artists both new and old in a legal way, as record companies have granted permission for each track to be featured.

This website aims to let Spotify users have a more enjoyable time around. Using it, they can find artists that are meant to match their tastes. Once they have found a couple of similar artists, they can create a mixtape including these new bands and share them with friends.  Continue reading