Using 2 iPads As If They Were A Turntable

Steve Jobs and the guys at Apple were sure the iPad was going to do fine, but sales so far have proven to surpass all their expectations. People are finding more and more uses every day, and some result in the kind of press an entrepreneur can only dream about. I am thinking about the 99-year old woman who now uses the slate to read books – she suffers from glaucoma and the device lets her adapt the size of the text until she can read it comfortably. You can watch that video (now a viral hit) here.

And what’s in store for musicians? Well, the first radical usage of an iPad involves taking two of them and creating a turntable by combining both devices. The person who came up with the idea is Rana June Sobhany, well-known for her extensive coverage on mobile devices and the way they can make life easier for musicians. You can learn more about her by checking her website.

The video below shows the way the combination is done, and the results it can yield.