Is Spotify Coming To Facebook?

Despite What Some Think, Spotify Isn't Coming To Facebook Yet

The rumor that Spotify and Facebook have become partners has been spreading like wildfire. And it has also been written off for what it is – a rumor. According to what some people have been saying, Spotify has partnered with Facebook, and users of the social network will shortly be able to stream music right from their profiles by merely clicking a button.

Sounds good, right? Well, but it is something that is not happening until Spotify launches in the US. As you know, Spotify is striving to appease record companies in the States so that it can (finally) bring its services to Americans. It has begun taking measures that have met with acrimony such as limiting the access people can have to music for free, for example. But that hasn’t been enough – it is said that two major record companies are still reticent to give the European streaming service the go-ahead to land in America.

Until that happens, you can rest assured Spotify isn’t coming to Facebook.

And believe me, it isn’t happening in a hurry.

YouTube’s “Musicians Wanted” Program Has Now Gone Global

YouTube’s Musicians Wanted Program Has Now Gone Global

YouTube’s "Musicians Wanted" Program Has Now Gone Global

People who live in the States became the first beneficiaries of YouTube’s “Musicians Wanted” program when it was announced just last year at South by Southwest.

For those who have never heard about it before, “Musicians Wanted” is basically a program aimed at new talent. Up-and-coming artists are given the chance to become partners of YouTube, and reap the full benefits of being advertised on the leading video portal on the Internet.

And if you had indeed never heard about “Musicians Wanted” before, then that was going to change in the next couple of days for sure. The “Musicians Wanted” program has now gone global.

Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., Sweden, the Czech Republic, Argentina and New Zealand are all supported now. If you live in any of these territories, you can proceed to fill out the application form and (to quote Cohen) “wait for the miracle to come”. Continue reading

YouTube Launches A Partner Program For Musicians In The United States

Musicians Wanted

The power of viral video is something that can’t be downplayed. We all know that careers like Suzan Boyle’s or Justin Bieber’s would never have happened without it, nor would a musician like Butch Walker have played live with Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards weren’t it for the exposure that YouTube implies.

Aware that people are more willing than ever to join in the action, YouTube has just released a partner program. Named “Musicians Wanted” it was announced at SXSW, and for the time being it is open only to those in American soil. Obviously, that is something which is bound to change over time provided it catches on – something not that implausible or unthinkable.

So, those of you who make original music and live in the States can learn more about it here. The rest of us will have to sit back and wait… but I bet that not for long.