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Double Lyrics

Name: Double Lyrics

I am sure very few among us can claim to have a favorite lyrics site. I mean, there are a zillion of them out there. Personally, I have always been keen on the AZ Lyrics website because it is lightweight, the lyrics are arranged album by album, and (yes, I know I am fastidious) the punctuation and the use of capitals is fully accounted for. As a non-native speaker of English, I always print the lyrics to all the albums that I buy that don’t include them. A site like AZ Lyrics lets me get them quickly, and create a Word document with them painlessly.

Still, I am always looking for alternatives. And I must say that the Double Lyrics website has got a lot going for it. For starters, whenever you carry out a search you get results that are sorted by relevancy. You don’t get a jumble of links that might be what you needed or something completely unrelated. The most relevant lyrics are ranked by the site’s engine and featured on top, while the ones that will probably have nothing to do with your query are relegated to the bottom of the list.

Also, users can both review and rate lyrics. That is nothing new (many sites let users “comment” on lyrics, and fans take advantage of that opportunity to review them), but its usefulness is not questioned by anybody – you will have a bigger chance of finding what you are after in that way. And once you have found it, a well-written review can always let you figure out what a cryptic song is all about. For example, how many are really aware of all the possible interpretation of Cat Steven’s “Moonshadow “? How many are aware of the cancer interpretation, the Vietnam chopper interpretation…? Only fans are. And if given the chance to review a song and illuminate everybody else, they are likely to do it. Continue reading

MusicVault – Rating Albums Old & New Using Twitter


Name: MusicVault:

Recent events have shown us that Twitter can make or break any movie. Upon seeing theatrical release, “Bruno” was slammed by twitterers and died an instant death. Conversely, movies like “Inglorious Bastards” and “District 9” were lauded on the micro-blogging universe and became that kind of picture you can’t miss unless you want to stop being invited to top parties.

Now, does Twitter have the same strength when it comes to music? Well, it looks like we are about to find it out. This brand-new service lets people tweet out the name of any album they have just listened to along with a rating. These are then aggregated on the site, and you can quickly learn which albums are universally praised. You do also get to see the most active users at a glance, and you can obviously start following them right there and then.

It is interesting to point out that once you are on the site you can choose to see either the best-rated discs or the worst-rated albums ever. It seems somebody who holds a grudge against Mike Oldfield is around – he gave “Music Of The Spheres” an overall score of 1 %, whereas his rating for “The Millennium Bell” was 2 %. There was also someone who gave Oasis’ “Heathen Chemistry” an overall score of 30 %. And I swear it wasn’t me! Continue reading

The Sixty One – Discover New Artists & Share Your Finds With Everybody


Name: The Sixty One

A social site, the aim of The Sixty One is simple: to let you discover new music through your friends, and upon recommending new music yourself you can gain experience points and move up towards becoming a more prestigious (and hence influential) member of the site.

And if you are an artist yourself, you can submit your own work and have it rated by the rest of the community. The system is certainly useful in the sense that if you have the right contacts you can become noticed in virtually no time at all. Continue reading