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Escritos Circulares [Circular Writings] is a Spanish-language blog that covers art in all its manifestations. The contents of this blog are split evenly between music, literature and cinema, and new posts are published daily.

Although the blogger (Claudio, AKA “An Imaginary Boy”) is based on Argentina, Escritos Circulares deals with artists from all over the Spanish-speaking world. Some of the artists that have already been featured include Dënver (Chile), Todos Los Santos (Mexico), Scars (Colombia), Ferretría (Ecuador) and Mixti Fori (Uruguay). And that’s not counting all the Argentinean bands and artist that have been covered so far, such as La Mala Vida. Coming Soon, Adrián Juarez, Kill All Hipsters and Uma Totoro.

All posts come with pictures and videos, and you’re always told how to get in touch with the featured artists via Facebook and Twitter. (The Escritos Circulares fanpage itself is found here.)

The blog also includes a “Random Thoughts” section where you can read quotes that come from established artists and personalities, along with poems from authors such as Mario Benedetti. And every Friday, a new artist is specially highlighted on the section named “Recomendado del Viernes”. Plus, the “Artista Indie de la Semana” [Indie Artist of the Week] offers exactly what its name says. Oh, and an “English Section” is included, too. So far, it’s been the recipient of just a handful of posts, but give it time.

My Speech – Launch Event For The Book “Once”

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This is the speech I gave at the launch event for my book “Once” on Friday the 13th of November, 2009. It was a moving moment, and I hope the ones who couldn’t be there that day do partake in such a feeling through this post.



“I have always thought that there are too many words in the world. If we could get rid of some of them, or at least make them lose their meanings – make the word “love” do not refer to this, make the word “penitence” do not refer to that, make the word “causality” do not imply the other…if we could do that, life would be far more eventful and far more easier.

The fact remains that words have an incredible weight, and an offensive power that we can’t even imagine most of the time. A single word is enough to make us or break us. A single word. Now, think about the effect that a phrase can have. “Out of sight, out of mind”. That is not truth, but we take it at face value. Phrases root within our collective being until we end up accepting them without ever thinking twice.

That happens because in life it is always easier to accept a truth that another person hands out to us, instead of seeking out a truth ourselves. I believe that is so because the process of seeking a truth is always an internal one, and people are reluctant to look inside. We never say so, of course. But the fact remains that we are too afraid to look inside since we might come across negative things. And our inner vision ends up being nothing but an external vision that we strengthen in our bosoms. That is, we only think we are any good when others tell us we are any good.

The truth is that if we looked inside there would be as many positive things to be found as there would be negative ones. They are exactly even. What happens is that people tend to emphasize what is bad – it is basic human nature. If we exaggerated our joys as we do exaggerate our sorrows, our every problem would lose transcendence.
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Mi Disertación – Presentación Del Libro “Once”

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Quiero compartir con ustedes las palabras que les dirigí al público  en la presentación de mi libro, “Once”, el pasado viernes 13 de noviembre. Fue muy emocionante, y espero que los que no pudieron estar allí ese día a través de esto puedan sentir aunque sea parte de esa emoción.



” Siempre he pensado que hay demasiadas palabras en el mundo. Si pudiésemos deshacernos de algunas de ellas, o si por lo menos pudiésemos desprenderles el significado – que hablar de “amor” no implicara hablar de esto o de eso, que hablar de “penitencia” no implicara hablar de aquello, que hablar de “causalidad” no implicara hablar de lo otro… si se pudiera hacer eso, la vida sería mucho más accidentada, y mucho más sencilla.

El hecho es que las palabras tienen un peso enorme, y un poder ofensivo que muchas veces ni siquiera nos podemos imaginar. Basta una sola palabra para hacernos o deshacernos. Una palabra. E imagínense el efecto que puede tener una frase. “Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente”, por ejemplo. Eso no es verdad, pero lo aceptamos como si lo fuera. Las frases se afianzan en el inconciente colectivo hasta que las aceptamos sin siquiera pensárnoslo dos veces.

Eso ocurre porque en la vida siempre es más fácil aceptar una verdad que ya nos da alguien en vez de buscar una verdad por nosotros mismos. Pienso que esto pasa porque el proceso de búsqueda de la verdad siempre es un proceso interno, y las personas (por más que digamos lo contrario) somos reacias a mirar en nuestro interior. Tenemos demasiado temor a encontrar cosas malas. Nuestra visión interior no termina siendo otra cosa que una mirada externa que afianzamos en nosotros. Es decir, solo cuando el otro nos dice que somos buenos es cuando consideramos que lo somos.

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“Once” Was Released Today


I just got back from the launch of my first book, and I want to thank all the people that did show up. It was incredibly moving and immensely fulfilling. Also, thanks to all who wanted to go and couldn’t do it for any reason or the other – you were there.

I am preparing some posts now about the launch, look forwards to them. In the meantime, these are the three poems that were read at the event today. Look forwards for more poems and the pictures of the event in the next couple of days.

Again – an enormous “thank you” to all the people who managed to be there.



Tenues orillas, cielos entreabiertos.
Un cuerpo escindido en la arena.
Palabras de mares en sus ojos muertos.

Vagas espumas en sus labios desiertos.
Ondas carmesí en el agua serena.
Tenues orillas, cielos entreabiertos

que todo presencian, y en los conciertos
trazos del olvido yace Nazarena.
Palabras de mares en sus ojos muertos.

Palabras perdidas en los ojos ciertos
del brillo que ciega una vida plena.
Tenues orillas, cielos entreabiertos,

sus ojos preciosos, sus ojos, sus yertos
albares, sus ojos, su voz, y su pena.
Palabras de mares en sus ojos muertos.

Palabras que dejan mis ojos abiertos.
Palabras que impresionan la escena:
Tenues orillas, cielos entreabiertos.
Palabras de mares en sus ojos muertos.

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