“It’s So Fine” by Franco Martinz (Music Video)

franco martinzOne of the wonders of the Internet is how you can become acquainted with people who live a million miles away, but who nonetheless redefine the meaning of the word “synergy”. A musician who lives in Concordia (Argentina), and who has recently issued his first album of original compositions is bringing all this to mind right now. His name is Franco Martinz, and a fellow musician connected us on Facebook. And the rapport we have struck is just atomic.

This is his first promotional video: “It’s So Fine”. The song is included on his CD (“Latinoamericana”) as a bonus track.

Franco is a true admirer of Sir Paul McCartney and I think such an electricity is what powers this song, and results in a melody that passes the test with flying colors.

The band that plays on Franco’s album comprises Ochi Castillo on drumpad/percussion, Ángel Gabriel López on guitars and Matías José Solana on keyboards. Matías is also the producer of Francisco’s album – give it a spin, you can stream it for free on his own website. I particularly like the piano-driven “Caminante Nocturno” [Night Walker] and “Ella” [She] – on both songs, his appreciation of Wings is put to the best possible use.

Incidentally, the four of them also have a parallel project called CHIPSZ, which focuses on covering material from seminal 80s bands such as The Police, Queen et al. (That’s why the name nods to the quintissential TV show “California Highway Patrol”)

You can learn more about Francisco on his Facebook fanpage. And you can follow him on Twitter, too.