Paul McCartney Shares His Music Library With Everybody For Free

Now Everybody Can Access Paul McCartney's Own Music Collection

Terrific news for Macca fans. The legendary musician has launched a music sharing site that lets his fans immerse themselves in his own personal collection. All of Paul’s music and media has been digitized (that’s five decades worth of data), and folks like you and me can listen to all the rare records he’s collected over the years, and both watch videos and view photos that only people close to Paul had access to until now. Check it out here.

The site details McCartney’s post-Beatles career in exhaustive detail. Minute information on all the concerts McCarney has ever played is provided, and you’ll also get to see all the albums any song of Paul has been included in. And links to buy them all are available, of course.

Need more? OK, what about the live studio feature that lets you remix Paul’s song? You can do that for free, and then (if you feel the results are particularly glorious) have them shared on the site for everybody else to remember that Paul is not dead.

And those of you who with the money to spend can buy a premium membership, and create playlists with your own songs. You can actually have them streamed on Macca’s own radio.

It’s great to see the work of some of the most inventive and talented musicians ever finally getting its right place online. This new site and last year’s long-overdue announcement that The Beatles music was finally becoming available on iTunes are the kind to have not only Beatlemaniacs but also lovers of true music singing hosannas.

The only question I have, now, is which way to go from here. Which other artists deserve a similar treatment? My money’s obviously on The Who, but I’d love to know what you think. Don’t go away without leaving a comment below!