FuseTrade – Social Network For Artists

Name: FuseTrade
URL: http://www.fusetrade.com

When reviewing social networking sites on MusicKO, I usually focus on the ones which are centered on musicians, and that let them interact among themselves or with their fans (or both). These sites let musicians and their punters start building the kind of communication that is necessary for music to become an integral part of everybody’s lives. But something which is every bit as important in order to accomplish that is taking a good look at what the artistic scene around one is like. Which plays are being staged, which exhibitions are being held, which new galleries are opening… A lot of opportunities for further spreading one’s art lie there. Not to mention that visual artists are something every musician ends up working with when releasing an album. Finding those that are in one’s wavelength early can but be a wise move.

That’s exactly what this new social network is all about. It lets artists from all over the world connect with each other, share all that they are doing and promote their creative work collectively. News on events can be spread, and the site has a gallery for uploading original work to. And a forum for conducting organized discussions regarding art and events is likewise featured.

Membership to FuseTrade costs nothing, and registration is quick and painless. And if you already have a Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo! account then you can use that to log in instead, and skip registration altogether.

JamsBio – Your Life Through Music


Name: JamsBio

URL: http://www.jamsbio.com

What would you say is the soundtrack to your life? Have you ever really taken a minute or two and thought about it? If you have never done that, this site will make you stop in your tracks and ponder on your musical past.

In essence, it is a community site that lets anybody share his music-related memories such as the first concert he attended, the first album he bought…. If you become a user you will be able to keep your own journal, write reviews of those pieces that have left a mark on you, and recommend them to other people who also visit the site. It is even possible to engage that people by creating lists and competing in music trivia games. Of course, that is a top way of creating bonds. Continue reading