– Share The Songs You Like With Your Facebook Friends

URL: is a new music discovery app. It has already been termed a shareable version of iTunes on some tech blogs, and that’s pretty accurate as can track all the music that you are playing and generate a list with your favorite songs. This list will then be shared with all your friends.

And when I say “all your friends”, you should take that literally – uses your Facebook account in order to work. All your social network friends who also have the app installed (and who choose to follow you) will receive this automatically-generated list, and learn first-hand which music you love best.

Still, it’s important to mention that not simply because you have played something that particular song will be part of your list. When using, you are actually empowered to remove tracks manually from the finished list before it is sent to all the people who are following you. Continue reading

Guitaryst – Play Your Guitar With The Help Of Automatic Tabs


Name: Guitaryst

Get ready for automated and intelligent tablatures, because that is what this shiny new website has to offer. Guitaryst allows anybody to play his guitar while the relevant tablature is automagically scrolled down the screen of his computer or tablet. This means that the performer (IE, you) won’t have to leave his guitar unattended in order to flip a page any longer.

Guitaryst works along with, and You are given the chance to choose the one service you want for the song to be streamed. As soon as the music begins, the tab will be displayed and automatically scrolled down to the timing of the song. Continue reading