Kanye West’s “Monster” Gets Spoofed. This Time, The Muppets Sing It!

Kanye West's "Monster"Gets Parodied By The Muppets!

Kanye West's "Monster" Gets Parodied By The Muppets!

Good ol’ Kanye West and these demonic leaks that blight his life… Just last week, a rough cut of “Monster” set the whole Internet talking. And when that happens, the parodies are never too far behind.

Well, that is exactly what has happened. And who better to do a NSFW song than family entertainers like the Muppets?

Perversely enough, the true star of the clip is not Monster. It is Piggy. Judge by yourself…

The World Of Social Networking In Songs (Part 1)

Like it or loathe it, social networking has changed the very paradigm in which we become acquainted with others and interact with them. Facebook is the undisputed flagship of the whole social phenomenon – it has over 500 million users and a movie (directed by no other than Steven Soddeberg) that is premiering in a mater of two months.

Time, then, for a little revision of how it all got started and evolved.This is a collection of songs, spoofs and parodies of the world of social networking. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter… everything is mentioned at some point or the other.

I hope you like this selection, and I also hope that you check back tomorrow for part 2 of this feature.

1– My Mom’s On Facebook

This is my personal favorite. This video was actually featured in MusicKO way back in March. It is a hilarious hair metal song by comedy group Back Of The Class that deals with the nightmare of having your mom befriending you on Facebook.

2– Welcome To YouTube

A wry and clever piano number by Bo Burnham:

3– A Social Network For Two: A Modern Love Song

Time for a sweet interlude, now:

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