Year In Review 2012: Best Startups & Interviews

This is a list including these sites and apps that I regard as the finest of 2012. I’ve linked to the original posts on MusicKO. And in many cases, you’ll also find links to interviews with their founders and developers.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a list with all of the Uruguayan artists featured on MusicKO over the course of the year.

StoryAmp: The Place Where Musicians And Journalists Meet

SpotMeUp: Upload Your Music To Spotify

PumpYouUp: Free Indie Electronic Music (Interview with Robert Dede)

WildChords: An iPad Game That Lets You Become A Guitar Player
(Interview with Christoph Thür)

Veenue: Collaborate With Musicians From All Over The World
(Interview with Dario Zampetti) Discover And Share The Latest Sounds

Restorm: Letting Bands License And Sell Their Music
(Interview with Jonas Brander)

JamCloud: Like Hangouts, But Strictly For Music Lovers
(Interview with Jason Gruntra)

JazzCypher: Social Network For Jazz Musicians And Enthusiasts
(Interview with Chris)

OneSheet: Build A Rich Profile Page For Your Band

PitchImprover: All You Need To Play By Ear To Recognize Intervals And To Develop Perfect Pitch
(Interview with Anton Naumovets)

SoundSpar: Compete With Other Bands And Win New Fans

RecooMe: In Search Of The Ultimate Playlists
(Interview with Kailash Subedi)

1Band1Brand: New Bands & Fashion Brands (Interview with Kyle York)

GigValley: Like Facebook, But Only For Bands

FindYouSomeVinyl: A Search Engine For Nothing But LPs

Bandhack: Local Bands On Facebook (Interview with Josh Roberts)

Crowdbands: A Record Label Run By The People