Los Oxford (Uruguayan Independent Artist)

Los Oxford

A band whose members have really interesting musical backgrounds, Los Oxford grouped together in 2003. I became aware of their existence a long time ago, as one of their members got in touch with me and requested a review when I wrote about another Uruguayan band, Soundays.  And I have always meant to write about them.
And now, the moment has come like sudden rain. Some things are just meant to be…
I have always meant to marry Colbie Caillat, for example. But that’s yet to materialize.
I mean, I know it’s within my reach. It’s meant to be. Just the other day I came across this pearl of wisdom on Facebook, and it renewed all these hopes which were starting to falter:


And if you need any more proof… Elvis Costello married Diana Krall!!! What else is there to say? C’mon!

Elvis Costello Diana Krall

OK, that’s the inanity out of the way for today…

The story of Los Oxfords goes a bit like this:

The band was started in 2003, in Montevideo (Uruguay).
They soon traveled to Argentina, and played in Buenos Aires. After that, they were featured on a compilation of independent Uruguayan bands. They recorded their first promotional video with Andrés “Muñeco” Álvarez (for the song “El Túnel”), and they also issued a six-song demo.

Some of the compositions included therein were featured on the band’s debut album, “Menta”. This was produced by the band and Max Capote, and the CD was pressed and distributed in Uruguay by Contrapedal.
In Argentina, the album was issued by Sadness Records – the same label that has got artists such as Los Alamos, Boreales and El Mato a un Policía Motorizado on its roster.
In 2008, the band recorded the title song for a popular TV show, and they traveled to Argentina once again, where they played both in Buenos Aires and in the provinces for the very first time.
Their next EP followed in 2009. It was their first work to see release on Mexico and Chile, thanks to a partnership with Danger Records.
The band returned to the scene with full force in 2012, when they resumed playing live after taking a break. And just a couple of weeks ago, they released a new EP named “Abierto”. It’s digital edition is handled by the Argentinean label Triple RRR – a label that distributes the work of its artists not only in Argentina and in Uruguay, but also in Chile and in Australia.
The band is now working on its second full-length album.

Their current line-up is:

Pablo Sosa – drums
Johnny Spinelli – bass
Joselo De Olarte – Vocals
Gonzalo Surraco – Guitar & backing vocals
Rodrigo Antelo – Guitar & backing vocals

There. That’s it. I have finally written about Los Oxford.
One more thing I can cross off my list…

And you know what? If I’ve come this far, I think I can push even further. So…
Colbie, I understand I’m not the fairest star in your firmament. I know your world is made brighter by many others already. But my emotions are true, and my smile for you has always glittered with the purest of devotion.
Would you accept being my wife, my sister and my angel for the rest of my life?
I know I can do it. I can be your everything.
I can.
Forever and always.

You can listen to Los Oxford on their MySpace profile, and you can download “Abierto” on Triple RRR’s webpage. While you’re at it, check out other cool Uruguayan artists like La Foca.  
And this is Los Oxford’s Facebook fanpage.