MTV’s Digital Show To Be Named The OMAs

Get Ready For The OMAs

Get Ready For The OMAs

MTV has just announced the name for his upcoming digital music awards show.

The show will be called The O___Music Awards (OMAs), and it will begin airing on April 28.

As you already know, this show is focusing on digital music and social media. The exact categories and nominees are yet to be announced by MTV. Continue reading

MTV Announces A New Awards Show For Digital Content

The social media world is getting its very own awards show.

The social media world is getting its very own awards show.

Dermot McCormack (MTV’s executive vice president of digital media) has just announced the creation of a new awards show that will focus on digital content and social media alone. While its name is yet to be announced, we already know that it will take place in Spring of 2011, and that audience participation will be its defining elemen.

As opposed to the music and movie awards we all have grown to know, this new show will take place entirely online. Social conversation will keep the whole thing together, and the audience itself will be responsible for picking the winners for each category.

MTV has yet to announce the exact awards that will be doled out, but it is not much of a stretch to think of categories such as “Best Music Applications” and “Best Music-related Moments In Social Media” (such as this one) being included.

MTV Releases The Music Meter

Presented By MTV, The Music Meter Is A Tool For The Discovery Of New Artists

Presented By MTV, The Music Meter Is A Resource For The Discovery Of New Artists

The days in which the popularity of music was measured by how many albums were shifted are not just extinct, they are actually fossilized. Nowadays, the popularity of any piece is judged based on a plethora of factors. The number of views on YouTube is one of these, and so is how frequently the song is streamed on sites like Spotify and

MTV has just released a new site in which all these variables are taken into account, and used to create a chart in which the online buzz around musicians is fully reflected. This chart goes by the name of The Music Meter, and it is updated daily. And learning more about the artists who get featured there is really easy, since tweets and bios are accessed at a click. So, getting acquainted with any performer that you discover through the chart is simplified to no end. Continue reading

MTV Beats Vevo As The Online Destination For Watching Music Videos

MTV Becomes The Premier Destination For Watching Music Videos Once Again

MTV Becomes The Premier Destination For Watching Music Videos Once Again

People my age (IE, 30-somethings) mostly remember MTV as the place to tune into when you wanted to watch music videos and discover new bands, not to watch an endless succession of reality shows and similar “hip” content.

Everybody agrees that the Internet drove the final nail in the coffin for MTV, stealing what audience it had left and creating a whole new hierarchy for the discovery of new talent.

The irony is that now has become the premier destination for people wanting to watch music videos, well ahead of Vevo. A recent survey by comScore shows that MTV had over 53 million unique visitors in August, whereas Vevo came in second with 49 million. Continue reading

Attend The Upcoming MTV Video Music Awards For Free

MTV Teams With Foursquare For The Upcoming VMAs

MTV Teams With Foursquare For The Upcoming VMAs

Interested in attending the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards ceremony on September 12? Well, chances are you might be able to do it for free. All you have to do is start following MTV on Foursquare and check in to music venues between August 30 and September 5. The one who gets the best score (IE, the one who gets to check in to more venues) is the one attending the event.

Location-based networking is as hot as it has ever been. Facebook has recently premiered its “Facebook Places” service, and many were surprised to see it did Foursquare no harm – it actually gave the pioneer location service a big boost.

MTV has been actively looking for ways to stay fresh in the face of the technology people are using today. Not so long ago Chicago resident Gabi Gregg was appointed as the network’s official Twitter DJ. The Foursquare alliance is nothing but a logical step. Will it be a fruitful one? We’ll see.

Gabi Gregg Is Appointed As The Twitter DJ For MTV

Gabi Gregg Is Appointed As The First Twitter DJ In The History Of MTV

Gabi Gregg Is Appointed As The First Twitter DJ In The History Of MTV

Do you remember the previous post about MTV’s search for a Twitter DJ? Well, that search is over. Gabi Gregg from Chicago has been appointed for the role upon winning a nation-wide contest.

This Twitter DJ (or “Twitter Jockey”, to be accurate) is an update version of the network’s old Video Jockey. The idea is that this person will keep everybody posted on what is going on via the popular micro-blogging platform, and also through other social media tools like Facebook.

My compliments to Ms. Gregg. I wish her all the luck in this (tricky) endeavor. She is going to need it to bring back those who have strayed from their TV sets towards the likes of Vevo and Hulu.

Kanye West Interrupted Taylor Swift And The Social Web Went Off

Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor’s Swift acceptance speech is one of the viral pieces of content right now. MTV has managed to keep it off YouTube, but a relevant search produces enough remixes and video reactions to keep you watching for hours on end. One of the finest:

This is not the first time Kanye’s big mouth blazes off. The remark of him that caused the biggest controversy was the one about President Bush in the aftermath of Katrina:

That video alone has had over 6 million views ever since it was posted online. Note the expression of co-host Mike Myers at the end! Continue reading