“Volver Al Futuro”, the Debut Album by Les Enfants (Uruguayan Artist)

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Les Enfants Uruguay
Jorge Luis Borges once claimed that dreaming was the oldest aesthetic activity which ever existed. That is the first lesson any creative person actually learns, or (at the very least) the one he ratifies when he intends to tell his own stories, and set down an imaginary rhythm that could move as many people as possible. The beauty that is veiled from perception by the tedium of routine and by these memories that sorely search for oblivion becomes visible only in these lands we dream on. The world of dreams is the world of creativity in its most crystalline expression.

And you know what? Immersing yourself in such a world is not that difficult. What’s difficult is bringing out what you manage to find there, and having it applied to reality in a way that retains its charm intact, and that doesn’t leave you uneasy, looking at your hands as if trying to remember what you could create with them whilst you were dreaming.

“Volver Al Futuro” [Back To The Future] is the first album by Les Enfants, and it manages to showcase what happens when both worlds become perfectly interconnected. “Volver Al Futuro” is the stage in which dreams and reality become all and one.

The band was started in 2008, and its five members decided to pick a French moniker since they reasoned a name in French would be more memorable in a scene where English names are legion. But they also went for one such name because they still see themselves as children in many senses, specially when it comes to all ludic activities.

Les Enfants Volver al futuro

In essence, Les Enfants are a rock-pop band which uses synthesizers to enrich their music. It’s evident that bands such as Primal Scream, The Killers, The Smiths and The Flaming Lips have been a great influence on their sound. And so have been a handful of South American bands such as Soda Estéreo and Virus.

Martín Vallejo acts as the band’s vocalist, and the songs are created collectively. Martín brings his different drafts to each and every rehearsal, and they all work together to shape both the lyrics and the music.  Martín is likewise one of the two guitar players in the band, along with Mauro Bolatino.

Roberto Suárez handles all keyboards and synths, whereas the band’s rhythmic section is made up of Javier Gorgoso on drums, and Rodrigo González on bass. Continue reading

“Spinning” and “Ghost Train” by The Creeping Ivies, a New Scottish Duo

creeping ivies scotland

A Scottish duo that has just issued their first album, The Creeping Ivies is singer/guitarist Becca Bomb and drummer Duncan Destruction who have ganged together to do just what their stage names suggest: “play wild rock & roll!”.

I suppose they are aware this decimates their chances of opening for Taylor Swift in the upcoming Red Tour of Europe.

But they obviously take that for granted. That’s life for you and me – learning to cope with voluminous loses…

Oh, don’t get me started.
I know what I’m talking about.
I’ve had my share of misfortunes, I have.
For example, I never got to be Prom Queen. But I didn’t put my head into an oven because of that.
I did try to hang myself, though. But I didn’t find a tree that was short enough. Someday I’ll tell you the whole story… Continue reading

“Celebración” by Garo Arakelián (Video)

garo arakelian un mundo sin gloria

“Celebración” [Celebration] is one of the tracks on Garo Arakelián’s debut album that hits the hardest. And now, the song has got a promotional video to go with it.

This clip was shot at the Teatro Macció, in the City of San José de Mayo. It was directed by filmmaker Pablo Stoll, and it features Garo and his band getting ready for a show while a former star finds himself stranded where dreams and reality collide.

Garo Arakelián was a key figure in the history of Uruguayan rockers La Trampa. To a lot of people, the band’s credence was rooted in his literate approach to songwriting.
“Un Mundo Sin Gloria” [A World Without Glory] is his first solo album. It has been issued by Bizarro.

In case you want to know more about La Trampa, then check this review of “Laberinto” – while neither fans nor critics single that particular album out, it is the one record by theirs that I feel puts emotions together more expertly.

“Alba” by Mushi Mushi Orquesta (Video)

mushi mushi orquesta

The most recent promotional video from Uruguayan musicians the Mushi Mushi Orquesta:

The song is named “Alba” [Dawn].

It’s from their forthcoming album, “Otro Cuerpo, Otro Esqueleto” [Another Body, Another Skeleton].
It’s been recorded at Arizona Studios.
It’s been masterminded by Germán Luongo and Virginia Plottier.
And since it’s an instrumental track, my ability to make inane jokes and include unrelated content on the post has been dealt a devastating blow.

I’ll just drown in a river of stillborn tears while this clip flashes back and forwards in the eye of my mind:

“Power Ranger” by Power Chocolatín Experimento (Video)

“Power Ranger” is the latest single by a Uruguayan band known as “Power Chocolatín Experimento”.

The song is featured on a split that the band recorded with Cadaver Exquisito, and the Argentinean band Cuco. You can download it for free on CaracolRojo.com.ar.

To cut a short story even shorter, I’m including this video on MusicKO simply because any person that comes up with a lyric which goes “Quiero vivir como un hombre, y morir como un Power Ranger” [I want to live like a man, and die like a Power Ranger] can instantly consider himself my blood brother.

You can download Power Chocolatín Experimento’s music on their bandcamp profile. It basically comprises a 3-song EP named “Ernesto Paz”, and an eponymous album with 9 tracks.

Oh, and before I sign off…

This is Power Chocolatín Experimento!

Power Chocolatin experimento
This is Serebro! Performing “Song #1”! In 2007!


This Is Sparta